Rider of the Month profiles

If you are a Junior or Young rider or know of someone who is active in riding dressage, I have a few spots left for 2015 for the Rider of the Month. please message me so we can get a spot reserved for you! Thanks!

Juniors, juniors, juniors!!! What about senior rider of the month? Gotta be over 65!! LOL Bonus if you have your Century Club ride!!

Just kidding. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Hi Sandy: I actually have a website for amateurs, and I use to profile amateurs of the month as well, but there didn’t seem that much of an interest. Sorry, I put in the wrong web address----here is the right one. www.dressageforamateurs.com

I think Sandy M. has a good idea. I think there should be a senior rider of the month, or at least the quarter. Senior riders, or senior horses, or century riders. Just make it over 55 for the humans, as I would think one of the roles of such a feature would be offering encouragement to others who are considering taking up riding, and I think the over 55 group may be broader than the over 65 group.

Folks may just not have known to look at the site, or not realized it was horse-related, or not be as interested in connecting via the Internet as they are with connecting in person. There is so much competition for my attention on the Web, now. I’m sick of it. :slight_smile:

Hi SharonA: I think you and Sandy have great points. I think 45 and over would be a good idea because that is the age alot of moms start riding again.

Hi SandyM: If you would like to be profiled on my dressageforamateurs website as a Rider of the Month, please send me a message and I will profile you for the month of February. I am in the middle of editing the website so this is perfect timing!

With all due respect, your link to your website in your post #3 goes to a porn website. Either it’s a mistake or you are one this site falsely, I reported it to the mods. Sorry if it’s an honest mistake.

Thanks for catching that, I put in the wrong web address. It is suppose to be www.dressageforamateurs.com

:slight_smile: That’s Better :slight_smile: