Riding After Hysterectomy

Does anyone have advice on easing back into riding after a hysterectomy? I’m not cleared to ride yet, and simply don’t have the energy to do so even though I miss my horse & our rides.

I’m wondering what to expect the first few times back in saddle. How long did you wait? Was there pain or fatigue? any tips on getting ready to get back up there?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

No problems whatsoever for me once cleared, other than the restriction to lift, pull or push weight.
Had to be careful getting on not to pull up, use a mounting block.

No pain or any other, but you have to wait until the Dr lets you go on with normal life.

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Was yours done laparoscopically or were you opened right up?

I was technically cleared to get on and walk at week 4, but was not at all comfortable to do so yet. I was opened up from hipbone to hipbone for mine, and had extremely poor pain control post-op so was exhausted and miserable for a lot longer than I should have been.

I was on and walking around week 6 for very short spurts, and I think week 8 tried trotting. Canter was more comfortable than trot for a bit.

My bladder didn’t handle the surgery the best, and spent several months spasming really badly. I had some minor leakage my first few weeks back in the saddle, so I put a liner in my boxer briefs and used a seat saver. It finally resolved itself and the leakage issue went away.

I had absolutely no core strength for most of the year. Had surgery in March 2018 and wasn’t feeling mostly back to normal in the absence department until that Christmas. But I had a gigantic incision and my surgeon didn’t appear to take the best care in how he did things, so it may have been more difficult for me than others. I also had my hysterectomy (total hysterectomy+ oophorectomy + salpingectomy) about 14 weeks after my top surgery (double mastectomy with free nipple grafts and chest contouring) and that could potentially have had a part in it took I’m not sure.

10000% worth having surgery though, despite the hiccups along the recovery process!

Mine was done laparoscopically. I was cleared to go do anything I wanted at six weeks. I had no problem riding.

Clearly, since you have had time off there will be discomfort and muscle issues associated with that.

Disclaimer - since it was winter/wet spring and my horses are at home and I have no ring I was not doing any serious riding.

Please follow your doctor’s instructions. If you do too much too soon you can cause further damage.

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Mine was done vaginally so no incision. I was riding fairly quickly and never even asked my doctor about it. Once I was doing all my regular things( farm chores, yard work , housework etc…) and feeling well I started riding again( 6+ weeks) lightly at first, testing the waters so to speak.

If you are still feeling fatigue I wouldn’t push it. Take the time to build up stamina and your fitness level before getting back on. Do what your doctor tells you. If you don’t you may find yourself out of the saddle a lot longer.

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Even if this is the procedure with no external incision, you still have internal healing which needs to take place. This is often the reason to take your time recovering slowly and as the Dr recommends.

From all the anecdotal stories I’ve ready, many ladies have regretted getting active too soon many years down the road.

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I was healed, believe me. I went really slow with riding. I was younger too. Maybe that helped. I’ve had no issues in the 13 years since?

Thanks ladies. I’ve been cleared to ease back into riding as of 4 weeks, but have yet to muster up the courage to get back up there. I’m terrified that I’m going to injure myself internally… even though the doctor said that would be pretty hard to injure myself if I’m slowly easing back into it at a walk. He said I should be more concerned about injuries from falling off. (meh - silly doctor - he he he)

I’m going to try this coming weekend to ride a short trail loop. I’m riding with a great group and they’re willing to take it slow and keep tabs on me. :slight_smile:


Hard to push just enough, but not over do. Patience, it will come!

Another “hip to hip” slice and dice here - I think it was 2 months before I could ease back into doing anything, and 3 months before I was really physically able to do much. And at least another 3 months before I was feeling fit enough to seriously ride (as in serious collection, 3rd/4th level work). It is a pretty serious assault to your core muscles - don’t push it.

If you went through laproscopic, it will be much easier - but again, don’t push it. Remember, it is not just the surgery itself - it is the fact that your inside has to rearrange a bit. And muscle takes a while to repair, and rebuild. Don’t despair - it will get better, I got my bronze medal AFTER my hysterectomy…

It was about 8 weeks post op when I started riding again. It was winter, so that might have influenced my motivation more than pain or discomfort did. I was lucky and had a steady eddy semi-retired gelding who took excellent care of me. Use a mounting block (to get on AND off for awhile) and start slow. Sometimes it feels like it will take forever to get back to “normal” riding, but you’ll get there. And however long it takes is fine. Don’t rush yourself and listen to your body. How did the trail ride go?

What a timey post! I just had a surgical consultation about having a hysterectomy. One of my concerns is the recovery time. I don’t HAVE to get it done right now, but I’ve got fibroids and cervical dysplasia and TERRIBLE periods, so I don’t want this uterus. I have a horse I need to sell, so I think I’ll get that done and have these spare parts yanked next winter. Of course, they’ll probably have cut the whole thing out in LEEP’s and biopsy’s by then. I’m so tired of having pelvic pain.

Mine was belly button to pubic bone and took 3 hours, probably in part to the surgeon ripping a hole in my bladder and the adhesions from the 3 C sections. I had to go back to work in 8 weeks and should have asked the doctor to restrict my hours since 60+ was expected. I suspect I would have felt better sooner but it was about 4 months before I felt like riding.

I had the same, following a few c-sections (vertical )- I use HRT patch and it helps keep me supple in my tendons etc. - the way I imagine Estrone does for horses.
Once the scarring has healed I say go for it-

I had it laparoscopic and it was the best decision I have made in my life. I still waited about 6 weeks to ride. I got back into it slowly. I overdid things with work and it pushed my recovery back. The surgery was extremely painful but everything was inflamed before the surgery. It’s worth the wait to heal properly.

How was your hyster done? Robotic, laparoscopic, total vaginal? I had a robotic, felt great and was riding 2 weeks later.

Feeling great does not mean all the inside bits are ready for you to do crazy stuff. I was specifically warned about this when I had mine done. A friend learned it the hard when she vacuumed at the two week point and caused some scar tissue issues. Feel lucky that riding at two weeks had no ill affects.

Reading this as I’m going for a uterine biopsy to determine whether or not I need a hysterectomy…thanks breast cancer, one of the lovely side effects of tamoxifen! Hoping for just a D&C but if not, I’ll be joining your club ladies!