Riding after kidney stone removal

Hello all! In a couple of days I’ll be having a stone removal via cysto/uretoscopy and laser break up. The stone is about 1 cm. It will involve the placement of a stent “for a few days.”

Can anyone comment on the recovery from this, both in terms of aftereffects and how long they lasted? I’ve been told to avoid exercise/activity but of course I’m already telling myself "surely I can get on and just walk around . . … "

No no no on the getting on just to walk around. I did that with my stent and pee’d blood for 3 days after lol. I had mine in for 4 weeks and it didnt really bother me unless I overdid it. I had a 10mm stone they blasted. My landlord just had this done and she was miserable and said she could feel the stent everytime she moved. Once everything was removed I was able to ride a short time after.

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Thanks for the comment and the reality check! Do you mind me asking, did you expect from the outset that your stent would be in for a month or was there a special circumstance? My uro has said 4-5 days for the stent so I am curious about the reasons why it could be in for longer.

I am not sure why so long but mine also didnt have an exposed string they could grab and pull they had to put me under to go in and do another minor surgical procedure to get it out

My doctor also did not recommend riding with a stent in.

Just popping back in to say I had the procedure yesterday. It all went well but the stent has left me with that low-grade UTI feeling. I definitely won’t be getting on a horse feeling like this. Luckily it will be removed Monday and I hope to be back to normal soon after. Thanks Steelerino and Guccijumper for the comments!

Glad your surgery went well. Hope you continue to heal. I had two back to back surgeries in 2003 and again last year (yes during pandemic). Mine were 10mm and 7mm. I do not suggest riding at all while the stent is placed. I had different experiences after but the pain and bleeding can lead to more problems in the future. Please look at your eGFR as my stones threw me into CKD and that is not good.

Oh I almost forgot the first time you urinate after it is removed is gonna burn! So much fun

Stent is out and I’m feeling really good. I even rode yesterday and today. Yesterday was a bit touch and go and my mare was acting up after not working for a week but today I felt pretty normal.

Funny postscript to the whole series of events - I had some type of reaction to the anesthesia for the stent removal and I literally sneezed over 200 times between Monday afternoon and Wednesday evening. Good times all around!