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Riding all over the country (PHANTOM post #3!!!)

Hi Horsey people! I need your help again! I’ve been asking for your advice for over a year now :slight_smile: I’ve ridden all over the country and in Canada thanks to your generosity and help! thank you!

If you are riding at a barn or have a trainer in any of the following cities that you love, please let me know! I’ve been doing hunter jumper but I’m open to dressage and eventing as well. I’ve sometimes been able to work out a lease or half lease in some of those places with a longer sit down, Cleveland and DC in this case.

Charleston, SC
Syracuse, NY
Omaha, NE
Indianapolis, IN
Louisville, KY
Cleveland (4 weeks)
DC (6 weeks)

Anyway thank you all so much! looking forward to your responses!


In the Charleston area, try Karen Kelley at Brick Church Farm or Tash McCarthy at White Horses.

In Indianapolis, try Grandview Stables.

If you’re only around for a short time. . .It can be tricky to find quality horses to ride.
I’m in Indy. . .
Grandview doesn’t have school horses, though they may have a sale horse or two at any given time that you may be able to lease.

If you want higher end, show barn atmosphere, call Treesdale Farms/Lucky Farms.

Greyhaven’s Sport Horses has school horses, and a quality trainer.

Meadowview Farm (Tammy Provost) is another show farm in the area.

If I were you I would totally seek out a few new disciplines to try. I think Indy has a pretty big western scene - why not try reining? I’d kill for some working cow horse lessons…

Anyway, just my 2 cents! I’m not near any of those cities so I’m absolutely no help for your original request :lol:

If I had free time in Syracuse, I would beg to hang around and watch, clean tack, whatever, at Beezie Madden’s barn close by in Cazenovia. Maybe offer tickets?

If you get to Denver, I absolutely know some reining barns not too far from downtown.

I just love that Coth has managed to find you places to keep riding all over North America!

Hope you are coming to Vancouver at some point!


Katie, I am STOKED that you are coming to the Kennedy Center in DC!!! Box seats are actually DD’s 18th b’day present. Cannot wait to see the show!
All that said, we have a great school horse at our barn (took DD from pony hunters to rocking the jumper ring in one season) and a great trainer. I’d be happy to see if he’s free for lessons during the run of your show, though it would be roughly an hour or so drive each way depending on where your cast and crew are staying. If that seems good for you let me know! :slight_smile:

I used to travel a lot for work. I did this with a saddleseat instructor. It was a lot of fun.