Riding Crop for Small Hands?

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Basically what the title says! Needing recommendations to find a crop to fit into my small hands. Every crop I’ve tried is way too thick in the handle (even the “kid” sized ones!), but I don’t mind the dressage whips near as much as they’re thinner.

It’s always been tough for me to hold reins and a crop due to rather small hands, but now that I have fibromyalgia it makes it even more difficult as it can become painful. Most of the shops seem to have length, but not thickness of the handle in their ads.

The lesson horse I ride needs it more as mental encouragement as he can get a little sticky (and again with the fibro, I don’t have near the strength I used to).

edited: to make more sense.

I just bought this jump bat to replace my all leather antique County. I like dressage tops with ultra thin handles. Not for hand size, just a preference. This is the first one that feels balanced like my old County and is thin and grippy enough that I forget I have it. It was also cheap enough for daily use and looks handsome enough in black w/ chrome cap for shows. I believe it it is a Horze Daryl. Screenshot_20210125-200415_Chrome|233x500

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Nice! That definitely looks much more like it in the handle :slight_smile: Thanks!

Fleck makes jumping crops with dressage-type ends that I like - if you can find them locally

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Woah they make me think of golf clubs! I’ll have to see how they feel