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Riding in Scotland

I’m interested in a riding trip to Scotland next year. I’m looking for a few days of great scenery. W,T,C, not a lesson situation. Anyone have any recommendations?


Dont know anything about this place, BUT they have more options than most riding places. 1 full day rides, 2-4 day rides and then the week long ones. It makes me want to get on a plane…

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

A friend of mine did a day ride through them earlier this summer and she loved it. And from what she said, it seemed like they were easy to work with. She also got to ride a super cute Fell pony, which made her day because she loves ponies.

I think the only complaint she had was that the saddle she was in didn’t fit her well and had it been multi-day ride she would have needed a different one (which I’m sure could have been arranged, even if it meant switching horses).

Unicorn Trails www.unicorntrails.com is a specialist UK riding holiday company that was set up by a Vet several years ago. They have various offers for rides in Scotland. I have used them multiple times and I have always found them to be extremely helpful and they know all their operators from personal experience.

Yes! I know Wendy the owner from years back. Can definitely recommend. As stated she was (maybe still is) a vet and checks each ride personally. At the time I worked somewhere that provided holidays and she was a pleasure to work with.