Riding Jeans for 00-0 waist

Hello everyone! I have been struggling to find jeans for riding. My waist is very small (23 ½) and I have looked through Wrangler jeans, Ariat jeans, and Cowgirl Tuff Jean’s. Nothing. I have no clue where to go or what to buy. If anyone has a similar problem, please let me know where you bought your jeans! I am so frustrated that I might just buy some breeches in my size and start wearing those :joy:

Oof!! Its been years since I had that problem!
When I was that skinny you could get those sizes in Rockies or the Cruel Girls also with the x-long(38") inseam.
I don’t even know now as I’m a ways off from that size…LOL!

Kimes Ranch offers down to size 000 in some styles.

Custom jeans seem like they would be a great option for you, and there are so many options and companies with pricing comparable to many of these brands

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Are you especially tall? If not, maybe try looking at Juniors sizes. As a bonus, those are probably cheaper than women’s jeans.

When I was s super thin teenager/college student, I had no trouble finding jeans that fit. But I’m only 5’1”. Now that I’m 30 pounds heavier, there are literally no jeans available in my size. Apparently when I gained weight I was also supposed to grow 8”. :roll_eyes:


Hi, thanks! I was looking for specifically boot cut or riding jeans. (I have plenty of skinny jeans and what they call boyfriend style jeans in junior sizes.) I can’t seem to find western-style jeans anywhere in junior sizes. If that’s what style you wear as well, do you have any brand recommendations from then?

My absolute favorite jeans for nearly a decade were GAP boot cut jeans. Loved them. I don’t know if they still make that style? Not technically “juiniors” sizes, I don’t think, but they’re cut/marketed to a younger crowd.

These days, I wear a lot of Lee and Lands End jeans because they better fit my no-longer-skinny body and are relatively cheap. I did get a pair of Ariats recently that are beautiful but have a waistband that’s SIX INCHES smaller than four other pairs of jeans I own (of four different brands) that are the same size. So apparently Ariat jeans run very, very small. Lol.

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Sears has Roebucks boot cut jeans in size 0.


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I ride English so not sure how helpful this is, but I wear a 22 breech and all my jeans are Levi’s. They do a 23 and a 24 waist in different inseams and do have a bootcut style, the 725.

I would NOT recommend the “Ribcage” style for riding (or sitting, or eating) as they are insanely high waisted and wide in the leg, but the 725 looks pretty normal!

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Levi’s 725 High Rise Boot Cut


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I agree OP. I it is tough. Now, I am not a zero, but most of the jeans I have been wearing have been a 2 (some 4). They’re hard to find. I also have long legs so that makes it even tougher to find the longer inseam. I also think some of the brands I have been successful with just changed their fitting. I found some 2x36 in the western store in town and I tried them on and they were way too short!! I think it was an Indigo brand, and I have a pair that I love. So I was really disappointed these did not fit the same.

If you can find them!!! I have been wanting to try Kimes Jeans for a while. I’ve been watching for 6+ months in the styles I am interested. They are always out of stock in the lower sizes. I am thinking I would need a 2 or a 4 in a longer length and just can’t find them.

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