Riding Jeans

I’m looking to buy a couple more pairs of riding jeans. I don’t like the real low cut one’s. The Q Baby Wranglers don’t fit me right. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

If they fit you, the Smooth Stride “real riding jeans” are fantastic and worth the price, in my opinion. http://www.smoothstride.com/Riding-Jeans-p/22154.htm

Unfortunately, they don’t come in size short-fat, so the size that fits my waist is way too long-waisted for me. I’ve got one pair and if they ever start making them to fit short, fat women or I lose 50 pounds, I’ll buy more.

The pair of jeans I wear most often to ride aren’t made for riding, but they’re nice and stretchy and comfortable. They’re from LLBean, Comfort Knit Jeans.


Looks like they’ve been discontinued. Of course they have. My liking something always seems to lead to it being discontinued. However, the good news is that they’re on sale.

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I really, really love Ariats Real Riding Jeans. They come in a medium rise that isn’t your mom’s jeans but isn’t butt-crack showing, either, they are very flattering (I am full-hipped with a small waist but very athletic thighs and butt, for reference…finding jeans that fit and are flatting is tough going). Also a choice of a few different leg cuts. The boot cut is very generous through the calf. Just enough stretch in the material to be comfy in the saddle but not have you going home in bigger pants than you put on that morning.

The really low ride jeans don’t work for me either. Something with a “normal” waist fits me better and stays put better.

My favorite pair of jeans are a stretchy jean from Wrangler. I’m pretty sure they are the Q babys, but they just have a nice form fit with darts sew in near the back pockets.

But with that said, I think I have a couple pair of Rock 47 jeans that are really comfortable that I like.

Cruel Girl is usually a “miss” for me.
Miss Me jeans don’t fit me at all.

When I go to the western store, I honestly don’t look at brand and just try on about every pair I can. Never know how they fit until you put them on, and I will say I’m very picky! I want them to stay up without a belt (sit down test) and I always want at least a 36 inch length (I like my jeans long for riding).

Kimes Ranch. They are worth the money. If you don’t like low rise, get the Betty.

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Lots of folks I know ride in the Kimes Ranch jeans, like bugsnskeeter mentioned. I’d like to try them, but I’ll have to find a place at some point where I can try them on first. I have a bit of a weird shape to fit. Best to find somewhere that retails a variety of brands, like a western apparel store, and try on anything that may be your size. Make sure the denim is hardy enough that it can take a beating. My jeans make it about 2-3 years through riding and barn chores before they become too threadbare around the bum and thighs.

Thanks guys. Unfortunately, there are no Western stores anywhere near me. The closest is Cowtown in New Jersey which is a good 40 plus miles over the bridge.

I have been using these for decades, Wrangler cowboy cut, regular fit, stretch denim.
They are sold as men jeans, but are worn by many ranch women just fine, more of an unisex jean model.
They were made long before women’s jean models, why so many already were wearing them and, really, are hard to beat for riding and working jeans:


Every time I try others, they may look nicer to wear, but just don’t work as well or fall apart quickly as real working pants.

Each one of us is built differently, so it makes sense that different clothes would fit us.

Bluey, Tractor Supply carries them. Maybe I’ll try a pair on although I usually did not have good luck with men’s jeans. I have a smallish waist compared to my hips not that any of it is actually small :slight_smile:

Agree, the Ariat jeans are awesome. Those and Wrangler’s ‘shiloh’ jeans are my favs. And they have pockets that are actually useful.

My favorite riding jeans are the old high-waisted Lawman both with pockets and bareback. They are 100% cotton very heavy denim and with a relaxed thigh give lots of freedom but Lawman went out of business years ago. I was able to find a pair that fit perfectly at an online site where individuals can buy and sell.

Does anyone know of any company making high-waisted heavy denim riding jeans? I especially like the bareback ones. I recently found a site that did, but they discontinued them recently.

Wow, great price, and look at the range of sizes :open_mouth:

Lol. I’m a mom jeans fan. Covers the muffin top

My usual plug for Buckwild Bootcut Breeches, LOVE mine

So comfortable, nice to ride in, just a little bit of ‘stick’ rarely ride in anything else.