Riding Lesson Barn Recommendations GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area), Canada

Hello All,

New to the forum here and looking to find out if anyone knows of any riding lesson barns they can recommend in the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area). I rode a bit before COVID kicked off in 2020, and since then, Ontario has dealt with many rule changes/restrictions, but now it seems like things are returning to some normalcy, and I would like to get back into riding again.

I rode at a hunter/jumper barn and would like to continue learning English-style riding. I would also like to compete one day, whether it be at schooling shows or more advanced ones. I live in Toronto but am open/flexible in driving 1 hour (or so) from the city to the barn.

@James.Z.H, if you can, edit your title to include the area. That will help people who know that area to find your post more easily.


What exact region? Hamilton?

From their original post.

Dude get off my back. That’s why I asked what EXACT region. GTA is massive. No reason for your drama


Hi, I am based in Toronto.

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I PM’d you!

Which side? West, North, East - this will impact my recommendation.

Hello, I am in the city. Downtown area.

I would strongly suggest York Equestrain. They have a very good school with credited coaching, show and get students to shows if desired. They are directly north of the city, right off the 404 at Bloomington

If you want the closest options for lessons, there is Sunnybrook Stables/The Riding Academy at the Horse Palace at the CNE grounds.