Riding with Ankle Tendonitis

Alright my friends, I need some hive mind help.

Recently been having some ankle troubles while I’m riding, went to an ortho and we’ve decided to treat it as peroneal tendinitis. My research tells me that this is not entirely uncommon amongst riders and most people have to end up settling on managing it rather than treating - which is fine with me, I just want to ride pain free!

Right now the plan of action is anti inflammatories, at home strengthening exercises, and taking a break from the activities that irritate it, which to me means riding without stirrups for a bit. A pair of Flex On stirrups seems to be in my future as well since I’ve noticed those really help with joint pain when I’ve used them.

Have any of you all experienced something like this before, and how did you manage it to make riding possible when riding seems to be the thing that really makes it flare up?

Also, tips on how to have some productive no stirrups rides that won’t punish my horse’s back while I get stronger are welcome!

I broke my ankle in January and also severely damaged the tendons and ligaments as well.

I am back to doing my normal stuff but I do have some pain ( tendons. ligaments) doing certain things.

My doctor has me wearing this when doing chores and I find it helps during riding as well. Don’t know if it would help you but thought I would share the info.

Good Luck.


I have Achilles tendinitis. What I found works for me is riding in the four way flex stirrups. I want to try some flexon stirrups for a safety stirrup on XC, but I haven’t had a chance to try them. I would highly recommend utilizing KT tape. You can find videos on how to tape to stabilize your ankle on YouTube. It provides support and takes some of the load off without completely immobilizing it like a brace.

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For no stirrup ideas - two point WTC. Or posting trot.

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Flex stirrups are a big help. Ibuprofen about 20 mins before you get on. I also use a lidocane (sp?) cream before riding. Ice when done riding or any other activity that irritates it. Then make sure you have good stretching activities for before and after.

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