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Riding with HS?

Hey guys!
I’ve just been diagnosed with HS (it’s been misdiagnosed for 3-4 years, but it was mild then) the flare ups started to get worse after a pilonidal cyst that I kept getting lanced and drained for over 6 months. Finally in December I got surgery for it to be removed. 3 months goes by and it is almost healed, but can’t heal all the way because between driving, sitting in classes, and just general walking it gets ripped open over and over. If I use gauze it just gets stuck to it and rips it back open even more. Any ideas on what to do?

Also people that suffer from HS are you still able to compete and ride intensely? I’m an eventer and want to be able to continue and go as far as I can, but I want to know if anyone else is doing dressage/jumpers/eventing with HS.

EDIT: HS stands for Hidradenitis suppurativa

FWIW, maybe in the first post use both the acronym and the full name.

I’m not entirely clear what HS is although maybe this is a case of if one really has something to add, then they’d know what HS is.

{{OP}} on your journey.

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Just edited with what HS stands for.


Have you found anything to help? I’ve had 2 pilonidal cysts (over 15 yrs ago) . I ended up having surgery on both bc they got really inflamed. They healed pretty well though. I use a gel cushion on my saddle with USEF permission to use at shows.