Riding with Orthotics?

I hope this is the right place for this…
I have impressively bad pronated ankles (my orthopedist growing up said it was the worst case he had seen in a long time) so because of this I have very built up orthotics to keep my joints reasonably comfortable. (not the wimpy dr. scholls or whatever, the heavy duty Rx blue plastic ones, inner heel is built up by 1", not including the actual foot mold )

For years I’ve stuck my first/soft orthotics in paddock boots but those are finally dying so it’s time to reevaluate my boot situation. I used orthotic-less field boots to show when I rode hunters as a teenager but I had a hard time walking afterwards. My joints have gotten worse so that’s not an option anymore. Since I’m not planning on showing above second anytime soon so I could stick with paddock boots and half chaps but I’d like to explore my options.

So… I’m looking for dress boots that have a very supportive or completely removable foot bed (and can accommodate my existing orthotics.) Are there any? What have others done for similar problems?


I have MS with a foot drop in my left leg. I also have a very weak left ankle, and use my very first AFO in my paddock boot. Works fine. Keeps my ankle straight. But I’ve looked for tall boots with built in ankle supports and not found them. I use ariats with ariat half chaps. I’ll get a dispensation if I ever go to rated shows.

I found that when I used to ride in orthotics (AFOs) I could not really give any sort of leg cue (even a weak one) and my heels pointed up. I had a much easier time when I started riding without them.

Just to hop on this thread–when you have custom boots made, can you have custom footbeds made as well instead of putting in an orthotic? This is something I’m interested in having done but am not sure who to go to. Will la mundial do a proper custom footbed? I like ht w look of their boots and the fact that they are “inexpensive” as far as customs go.