Rimadyl vs Previcox for dog after surgery

I have a question about dog meds (because I’m way more familiar with equine drugs). My normally very low-maintenance border collie, Riley, had to have major surgery to repair 2 broken legs after falling 3 stories out of my apartment window while I was at the barn. :cry:

Thank goodness she’s a little over 3 weeks postop now, and doing remarkably well. She has started a second course of Rimadyl and cephalexin (antibiotic), and has been off of Tramadol for a week.

I’m more familiar with Previcox, than Rimadyl, since I’m a horse person, and was curious to find out if anyone had a strong preference for one over the other?

Of course, I would NEVER try to change drugs without talking to the vet first, but wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or experience with these drugs for acute pain situations. Riley isn’t arthritic, but now she has a couple of metal plates and a fused “wrist” (carpal) so she’ll probably need an anti-inflammatory for quite awhile, if not for the rest of her life.

Is she doing well with the current regimen? If so I wouldn’t change it. Rimadyl works well but often causes GI upset. If she is not having that issue I would not change anything.

Often Rimadyl is a go-to post op because it’s available as an injectable so can be started during/prior to surgery.

Overall I agree wth Laurie, if she’s doing well I wouldn’t change it, if she’s not I think Previcoxx is a viable second choice. Just be aware that changing them means she’d need to be off one for several days before starting the second one, dogs are more sensitive than people for mixing medications.

Funnily enough, my small animal vet gave me all of his Previcoxx samples for my horses because the few times he used it for his canine patients, it caused bad gastric ulcers.

I’d stick with what’s working.

Poor thing! Most small animal vets I’ve known seem to prefer Rimadyl over Previcoxx. It seems to be more widely known/used and it’s the first line defense. Luckily I have only once had a reason to give it and it worked very well. So I stick with it.

They may send her home with metacam, the reason most post surgical pets go home on it is because there is an injectable form we use in hospital then they can continue on the liquid once at home.

wow, what a nightmare! Glad she’s recovering well. Not the same situation at all but I’ve given both Previcoxx and Rimadyl to my arthritic 12 year old, and the latter was much more effective for her.

rimadyl is also available as a generic, making it a more cost effective option for many patients

Thanks all, for your helpful information. Sounds like Rimadyl is a good plan for the foreseeable future. Thanks so much!:slight_smile: