RIP, Jane Savoie :(

Sho wrote a book of fiction that was released a few days ago. I’m glad she lived to see it published.


I’m so sorry to hear this. Her email newsletters written from the point of view of her Friesian and her golden retriever were so uplifting. I was lucky to attend a USDF clinic many years ago and remember much of her teaching. I practice the connecting half halt (“twinkle, twinkle, twinkle”) every time I ride. She was a dressage and life guru in the best sense.


So very sad to hear this news. RIP

May she rest in peace - such an inspiration for so many of us!

She had health issues for several years and it never showed in her emails.

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Although I did not know her well, while working with her to produce some of her flyers and brochures for her online dressage program, I came to adore her positive outlook in all of life. Truly she was ALWAYS upbeat and positive and looking forward. And she dealt with her cancer the same way. Always positive and determined to beat it. She is a huge loss to us all.


Oh my gosh! No!!! :cry: I had thought she was improving! She was such an inspiration to me and I know countless others. Jane was a gift to us all.

Very sad news. My heart goes out to her family and friends… :broken_heart:

Another sad person here. I have several of her books and did the Dressage Mentor program for a couple of years, and attended two DM weekends in Florida. Jane was invariably encouraging and kind, even when faced with people who got upset. Somewhere I have her feedback on a dressage test video I did with my mare in 2009.


She will be missed. Her videos were always very instructive for the novice rider.

Someone you could safely recommend.

Her video series – The Half-Halt Demystified. She was true to her word! Such a loss.