RIP Kevin Freeman

This is to acknowledge the passing of Kevin Freeman, who represented the U.S. in three Olympics and has been a pillar of equestrian sport in Oregon. Many riders and trainers here came up under his tutelage and he will be sorely missed.


Attending events at Freeman Farms in the 80s and 90s were some of the Best in the West, Great courses there. Kevin was a great land owner and all-around horseman. RIP


So sorry to hear this. He came to our H/J barn in 1994 to clinic. We never knew you could let go and stay alive. A great confidence builder.

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Saw this thread the first day it was posted. However, wondered why the magazine COTH or Eventing Nation or other places had no mention of it at all, so I began wondering whether this information was actually true. Saw Denny Emerson’s posting on Facebook where he mentioned the absolute lack of notification of Kevin Freeman’s death.

I didn’t actually meet him, but did spend some time in Portland in the 1970s. Actually bought a mare from the lady who sold Good Mixture to the USEF, and who Kevin Freeman rode in the Olympics. So I was sad to see the news and really puzzled why so few outlets even mentioned it.

To bring this thread up again, I’m very sorry to hear of his passing. He did a lot for West Coast eventing and for eventing in general.


I agree. He won a gold medal (team) and a silver medal (Individual) and was on several Olympic and Pan Am teams. It is very odd that COTH is ignoring his passing.


Give COTH time. The Jimmy Wofford story just recently made it into the magazine, and he died over a month before Kevin Freeman.

Thanks for posting this. Else I would have missed the news.

I had the benefit of working with him a few times and riding his great course. He shared terrific stories of his days on the team, too. He certainly helped me and my horses.

Vale to a good horseman.

He used to come to our hunter barn every year for a two day clinic. He was a great instructor and a very nice person.


From my Google News feed:


I was sorry to hear this sad news and also surprised there was so little mention of his passing especially by COTH. When I was a junior Kevin Freeman was a well known and respected name in the equestrian world. His obituary is impressive, a Wharton graduate! And what appears to be a well-rounded, happy life filled with family and friends, he was a lucky man. RIP Kevin Freeman


Quite lovely tributes from his teammates.

Those photos–what a stylist.

It’s always sad to hear of the passing of someone who has made a significant impact on their sport and community, especially when it comes to Kevin and equestrian sport My thoughts are with his family, friends, and all those who were inspired by his accomplishments.