RIP Trigger

No, not Roy Roger’s Trigger, but our neighbor’s mini who they had before they moved next door about 20 years ago. They were heavily into minis for a while and the daughter and mother used to show him in driving. Cute little palomino bugger. He had to have been 35 years old because last week their granddaughter was leading him around outside his paddock and I went over to see him and his teeth were so long he couldn’t close his mouth. Plus, he looked like he may have been blind, no cloudiness or cataracts but had that look - very wide eyes and not focusing.

So Rest in Peace little Trigger. I’ll miss seeing you out there.


Aww, sorry for your loss :heart: The neighbourhood horses all have a special place in my heart, too.

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Surprisingly, just yesterday a horse trailer pulled up and unloaded a very cute small pony. I think he is meant to be a companion to their other full size horse that they’ve had forever.

Turns out it’s a very cute mare with a very refined head. My Spud is besotted :revolving_hearts: