RJ Classics Show Coat Sizing?

I am in a bit of a dilemma - I have found a show coat that I really like by RJ classics, however, I can only find it on Dover. I have looked high and low, and while I can order it from Dover, they do not sell them in short, regular or tall sizes.

The RJ website “sizing chart” claims that a short is for 5 foot to 5 foot 3", while a regular is for 5 foot 4" to 5 foot 7". I am just over 5’3", probably by 1/4. I have calculated out that I would need a size 2, but would I most likely be fine in a regular and not short?

The website also says this, however, it is for children’s coats:
Sizes 12-16 Long: one inch longer
Sizes 6-20 Short: one inch shorter

On other forums/by my calculations, I would probably need a size 16 or 18, but most likely 16, which says a short is 1 inch shorter.

I really need some guidance on this. I’m only 1 inch away, possibly 3/4 of an inch, from the “regular” sizing. What do you guys think I should do?

BTW, I really need some answers soon - the show is in 2 weeks 2 days and I have yet to order my coat. Thanks!

I would personally get the regular length over the short – if you think it’s a little too long when it arrives you can wear it as-is for the upcoming show and get it shortened by a tailor after. If it’s too short though you’re SOL.

This ^^^

I’m 5’4" and have a short. It fits perfectly. I bought one of their shadbellys and it did not come in a short. I am having it altered because it is too long.

I have never had to purchase a coat in a short in any other brand before.

I would order a short and a regular and then return the one that doesn’t fit.

I am 5’3" with short arms and the RJ Short works perfectly for me. The regular is too long in the sleeves and in the body for me.

I have seen Dover have some shorts but not all of the time. I love buying from thecollectionsonlinestore.com as they carry shirts and Robin is great to deal with.

Okay, how much longer was the regular in the sleeves than the short? An inch or two? (If you remember)

I believe I had to have the sleeves shortened on he regular about inch & half. The body being too long is what really bothered me, hung way down on my behind.

Was it too short in the sleeves or in the body, or both? If in the sleeves how much, and if in the body, how much? I would order both, but I can’t, because they only sell the regulars of the coat I have - a reason I am so hung up on it is that not only is a great price (only 89.99, List Price is 218!!) but it’s also the best looking one, I personally think, and ultimately, the cheapest of my options.

Okay. An inch and a 1/2 isn’t too much to deal with, I could always have it shortened. The body shouldn’t be that big of a deal I don’t think - if it was over 4-5 inches too long, maybe, but otherwise it should be fine.

Also, you said you had short arms - could you take a measurement of your arms from like your shoulder blade to your wrist? Then I can see whether or not the sleeve length might work for me, since I seem to have slightly longer arms…

I’m 5’3" and find the shorts in MOST coats too short for me. I am long waisted though. It is going to hinge more on how you’re built than how tall you are. I would probably go with a regular unless you have no waist and short arms.

I actually own a Grand Prix long that is my light weight hunt coat (for fox hunting). Too long for the show ring but PERFECT for a hunt coat (the perks of working in a consignment tack shop- lots of opportunity to try on lots of nice coats!).

Okay, thank you. That’s what I was afraid of, I would rather the sleeves be too long than the length too short. Plus, it’s just open circuit shows that I’m going to, so it’s nothing all that big lol.

Any other last minute help would be appreciated as I order the jacket today. Thanks!

I tried on a size 2 RJ classics regular last week and it fit perfectly. I am not quite 5’2" and I do have rather long arms and a shorter torso.

What is the length of your arms from the top of your shoulder down to your wrist, can I ask? This is a good sign however, haha. :slight_smile: