Roads/ Tracks/ Trails Footing? Do-it-yourself Advice

Interested to know if anyone has any type of tracks through their property and wondering how they maintain them.

The previous property owner was an eventer and had established a nice network to do conditioning (a number of years ago) but some are now over overgrown and others (on a bit of a hill) have washed out too much (lots of rocks and roots exposed).

I was hoping for do-it-yourself success stories to mitigate washout mainly…

We have a tractor, back blade, harrow, york rake, and access to a small excavator on occasion.

Any experiences are greatly appreciated!

We have lots of trails through the woods and hills around the farm. They are just left natural. That’s were we do trot sets for conditioning. To me the value is that the conditions on these trails will always be the same as the conditions we will face either eventing or fox hunting. So my horses legs and feet are always ready for the current conditions.