Rolex 2015 Ride Share from New England

Hi Chronicle Forum!

I have been out to Rolex four of the last five years, driving three of those years and flying one. Realize that it’s late to be looking to coordinate but I’m hoping that somebody else out the would be interested in sharing fuel costs and hours behind the wheel to get from New England (Connecticut but very flexible in terms of where to meet up) to Lexington. I usually make the drive late Tuesday into Wednesday so as to be there for the first jog & return home either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday depending on time constraints and other horse-related field trips in the area.

I can be contacted via email, text, or telephone call. Information is below :slight_smile:

Ellie Rutan, 203.675.2209

Oh sure. This year you ask!! I drove 13 hours straight to get out there last year solo. Why couldn’t you have posted this last year?? I’m not going this year, but maybe next year. I can do 7 hours without blinking, but 13 is starting to push it for me. Hope you find someone to go with.

Have contacts with anyone else in the area (or between here & there) looking to drive out?! I drove out last year too & would have been happy to carpool. Feel free to contact via phone or regular email if you think of anything? I’d still love to share hours driving & gas costs & just straight up company!