Rolex Grand Slam

About to start. HH Azur goes 15th.
They want your email but it’s then free livestream.

It took me 20 minutes to figure out where to find an order of go… I need more coffee.

Was anyone else holding their breath watching Azur’s time? She jumped so high I thought she might have a time fault for air time. What an absolutely spectacular mare.

That might be the best timing I’ve ever had. Sat down at the computer after setting some jumps preparing for a lesson, saw this post, clicked the link, and sure enough Azur was walking into the ring! Great round for her and McLain

Yes. What is the time allowed? It looked like McLain maybe had the same thought part way through the course and stepped up a bit

71 seconds I believe.

How big is this class???

35 entries.

Good grief- did nearly half the class make the jumpoff?!

I don’t think so. What they posted for the jump off was pretty much everyone’s round - 4 fault and 8 fault included.

I would guess 12 clear rounds?

ETA: 16!

What a jump-off!

I keep saying that HH Azur is one of the best horses of this generation. I hope that she might be bred.


I am speechless. What a round! The acceleration to #1, mon Dieu.

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It took me more than a minute to figure out why we were calling Kentucky 3 Day “Rolex” again and also, why is it happening in March? :joy:

Off to go get coffee and try to find a replay.

So, so, so happy for them!! And that mare being at the top of her game for so long shows the excellent care and management she gets there.


If you find the replay, could you please post it? :slight_smile:

With many people opting for embryo transfer in a younger mare I do wonder / hope! We would see an Annie baby one day. She is so incredible!

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I believe they did an embryo transfer a couple of times with Sapphire. So I would be more surprised if they didn’t do the same thing with Azur.

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Hopefully this works
It is on the clipmyhorse Instagram account. Only Azur’s jump off, not the whole thing


Thank you!!!


Did you see how her ears worked after the last jump, still even minded and listening, not tired of the huge efforts or the concentration required, amenable for anything next, just one more day at the office, mission accomplished. :star_struck:


I had to work this morning and just watched the replay. Just WOW!

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