Rolled *rubber* reins?

I’d love to find a rolled rein with full rubber, preferably nickel hardware and hook stud ends to go with my rolled Schumacher bridle. It looks like Schockemohle makes a rolled rubber lined rein, and FSS on eBay might eventually have what I’m looking for.

Any other leads? Current favorite reins are Mark Todd rubber reins which are nicely soft and grippy.

I have these Schockemohle rolled rubber reins bought from Tack n Rider:

This looks like another option.

(The first should be the link to the full rubber Schockemohle, they also make 1/2 rubber with stops.)

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I got some plain reins with my rolled Schumacher Munchen and had rubber put on them. I used the Tack Shack of Ocala long distance and they did a great job inexpensively. Also, you can custom order rubber reins for the bridle from Schumacher. Check with Dressage Extensions.

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Try Lumiere Equestrian

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Thanks all, I think I am going to give Lumiere a try since they come in 57" and the price is right. There is a chance that another bridle might make its way into my order as well. :smiley:

You learn something new every day. I had no idea this was a thing. Do you have pictures? How inexpensive is inexpensive? Is it similar to a thick traditional rubber rein or more of a nunn finer style rein?

@conniemary You have separated me from my money. :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered the rolled reins from Lumiere and also the Mila bridle. They say they are happy to change out browbands or other bridle parts to get the right fit, so I asked for a full size browband with the cob bridle, and also asked for WB length reins if they are willing to swap those out. $210 shipped to the US for the bridle with regular reins, plus the rolled reins. Fantastic price if the bridle is as nice as it looks, so thank you!

Haha, enjoy! Hopefully shipping doesn’t take too long

Inexpensively is what recall—like around $45 plus shipping each way. High end rubber reins have the rubber grip over leather so that you can replace the grip when it wears out. I have some genuine, special ordered Schumacher Munich rolled rubber reins and these and you can’t tell the difference.

I too need to thank @conniemary for mentioning Lumiere on this thread. I’ve been bridle shopping for a horse that doesn’t fit well in anything off the rack. Three tack stores and several SmartPak calls later and a good bit of searching online, the only off the rack bridle that fit my criteria that “might” fit was a Montar cob that runs $325 plus tax and no reins.

I contacted Lumiere with measurements and they guided me to the right mix of full and cob pieces. Bridle has been ordered. The website prices are in Australian dollars. My bridle with reins, my choice of browband, and express international delivery is $167 in American dollars. Hopefully the leather quality and fit are in keeping with the good reviews I found on line. :crossed_fingers: