Romal Reins

My horse is15h with a short well set on neck. I have 52" romals that are too long. I want to be able to let her stretch down and shorten/collect her up. I also plan to put rein chains on it. Is there a rule of thumb for measuring? Thankfully the maker of my romals is willing to make shorter ones and exchange them.

You might want to rethink using chains, especially if horse is really light in the bit.

Not exactly the same, but using snaps on my reins really confused my horse. Snaps added weight made constant swinging/sliding motion on the bit with loose rein hold. She tried to respond, but nothing was a clear signal! That made for some interesting moments! Kind of like radio noise interfering with a low voiced conversation.

Mouth gets to ignoring little signals, dulls responses and needs stronger reining cues.

I know chains are traditional, but may not work as you expect. I got rid of my snaps on reins, we were both happier with plain leather loops on the bit.

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52 reins are typically cowhorse reins and not used with chains.
My usual reins that I use with chains are 36". I have some a friend built even shorter for a really short necked horse.
You can also play with the length of your chains. You want them to compliment the bit and the weight of your reins.