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Romal Reins

Hi, I’m looking for affordable quality silver romal reins to show in! I came across the challenge horse brown braided romal reins that are $50. Has does anyone know if this brand has decent quality leather?
Inserting amazon link below for references:

I have not touched this brand, but IMO, no, you cannot get a decent pair of quality romel reins for $52.


How do I say this nicely? :thinking:

They look like crap.

I can’t imagine they’re made from decent quality leather. Plus, they’re less than 1/2" in width, and no doubt that’s measured at the absolute widest point. The “silver” could really be anything that is silver in color. This isn’t mean to be a slam against low-priced tack. Most of us are on a budget. But in general you have to be really careful when buying tack that’s priced too good to be true. Otherwise you end up disappointed and ripped off.

If you really need romal reins, I’d suggest looking on ebay. Occasionally you can find a used pair. Or do a Google for new ones. But even without any kind of silver, they’ll still end up costing $100 or so.


Thank you! I was wondering if that was too good to be true. I’ll keep looking.

Thank you for saving my wallet! I wasn’t opposed to eBay but someone sent me that link and I was leery of it. I wanted to make sure that I get pros involved on this.

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You might be able to get a decent set of split reins (not great ones) for that price, romal reins tend to run a bit higher for good ones from what I’ve seen in the past. I’m picky about my reins, I don’t remember ever riding in romals, but even split reins, I want to feel them before I buy them unless I’m familiar with the maker.