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Rope Leather Hybrid Halters

Any experience with this halter?

I have a young horse that can sometimes forget his manners with a young barn staffer and thought this might be a nice option for taking him to and from his paddock. It also appears to be on clearance!


I have two of these Hybrid Halters and they’re fantastic: https://shop.horseeducation.com/. I’m not sure the one you linked would be as effective, without the knots on the nose.

I’ve also been eyeing a hybrid halter as an alternative to a traditional rope halter (I hate tying them) since my mare recently outgrew her yearling-sized one.

They’re “stronger” than a traditional flat nylon/leather halter but given this one doesn’t have knots along the nose, it is going to be limited additional pressure.

I use the Hybrid Halter that Libby2563 linked. I adore them. I absolutely think they are the best of both worlds.

My mare is very alpha and always one to push the envelope when leading…at times. That was with a rope halter. She is much less over-reactive in the Hybrid than a regular rope halter. I thought the nose knots might be a no go because I had a rope halter with knots and she was way too over reactive in that one. I had a pretty long spell (6-7 years) of not being able to ride so did a ton of ground work and that work has gotten really fun with the Hybrid.

Heck, we have winter :white_flower: , some ice and snow on the ground and I have been riding her in it.
Just as a precaution for that possible slip so I don’t catch her in the mouth. She has been working great in it.

Ok, too much gushing but I really like them. The Henri de Rivel May work fine. For lunging, I prefer the free ring at the chin of the Hybrid halter…isn’t going to pull the halter into the eye.

The Hybrid comes in leather…and a ton of colors in nylon. This is our current color :sunglasses:


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Hybrid Halter - yes. It works, and they are well made.

Henri de Rivel one linked to in OP - no. My last WB broke the flimsy thing with one pop of his head after about a month of use, and the rope nose was in no means a deterrent to him dragging me all over the place.

I have one of these and love it.
I don’t use it daily but it’s nice to give my kids a bit more control.

I was considering one for my mare but ended up getting an “easy-on” rope halter which is has a clip where the knot usually is and a knot on the off side for adjustment. At the time I got it they were just $5 at Jeffers (they’re 3x that now) so it was hard to justify not at least trying it and as it turned out I really like it. It does not have knots on the nose but is generally enough for my mare.

I also got another cheap one with the same clip, sold as a “Bitless Halter Bridle.” I cut off the extra chin strap which leaves a normal rope halter with the easy-on clip and two tied-in rings that are nice for crosstying. This one does have knots and slightly thinner rope so it has a bit more bite.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’d actually seen the first ones you mentioned before (not the same brand but the same concept). I’m just not a fan of there being a non-flat pointy bit exposed.

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I also have the one Libby linked and like it a lot. My only complaint is that the throatlatch piece is a bit long for my horse although it fits her well otherwise. I probably should have gotten the small instead of the average. But she’s always between horse and cob size in bridles, too.

My appendix mare can be pushy and the Hybrid halter was a lifesaver when she was on extended stall rest and handwalking.

I have a black leather one in large horse size that I could part with if you’re interested. It’s a little small for my young WB mare. The regular horse size fits my mare who typically wears a cob+ bridle, and the large would be about equivalent to full in English bridles.

Just as an FYI, if all you want is a clip, you can tie a clip into a rope halter so you don’t have to do the knot every time. It’s not necessary to spend a bunch of money on a whole new over-priced thing, unless you just want to. I get that there are plenty of horse people who just like to buy things, but wanted to share another option for those who don’t. :slight_smile:


True wildlifer, but I don’t mind paying for something if it works for the intended purpose. Also, I prefer the flat nylon/leather over the poll. The sliding chin ring also makes it better for ground work and lunging. Sometimes, the wheel can be improved.

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The now 50+ year old Johnson halters were rope and a clip.

The beauty of a clip is that, once adjusted for size close enough for your horses, even if you have an injured hand or arthritis that impeded good hand movement, anyone can slip the rope on those clips, even one handed.
No fussing with rope ends to fit around and back or in buckles, or undo them to get them loose.
They were adjustable at certain points and the clip end was minimal, fit only the doubled tend of the rope, would not be snagging anything.
We used to cut out the front of the halters and use the back part for fiadors in our home made rope nose hackamores, last picture.

Pictures of the old type Johnson halter, the newer ones and the clip itself:



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I LOVED those old-type Johnson halters, had them when I was a teen and wish they made them again! I have several of the newer ones with the clip, they are the next best thing. I can tie a rope halter, no problem, but why bother when you can just clip? Plus, they are almost infinitely adjustable, as it’s all one piece of rope with a bunch of knots. They can be a little complicated to work all the way around though, so I let my engineer-brained hubby adjust them for me.

I also have the Horse Education halter and like it a lot - great for a little more control when my dude is feeling pushy, and I lunge and ride in it too.

I’ve found the throatlatch is too big as well, I think they run a bit roomy on average. I got a small for my pony, I think I really should have gotten the yearling (!) size.

How interesting, Bluey, thanks for sharing that, I’ve never seen that nifty clip before! I’m all about options, so I’m definitely filing that away in case I get tired of tying knots in the future.

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One other major benefit of the Hybrid halter, IMO, is the rings for cross-tying. And the economy version ($30) is pretty comparable in price to a regular nylon halter. I’m pretty frugal but consider these well worth the cost! Haven’t used a chain shank in years.

I also have used the halter that Libby linked above. I like it, once it’s on the horse. The rope is flimsy, not stiff, so you have to be able to hold the nose open to put it on. If you have a horse that’s pushy or mouthy to halter, I just find it a minor annoyance in putting the halter on. With a regular rope halter or a leather halter, they are stiff enough that they hold their shape all the time. Again, it’s a minor inconvenience, and I do like the halter for a little added control.

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Glad to hear there are some more economical versions, that wasn’t the case last time I saw them, thanks for updating my knowledge! I don’t use chain shanks ever, so that is a non-issue, & my cross ties work fine with the two loops on my rope halter (I have hay string breakaways between ties & posts to keep things safe). But I also have the horses at home, so I can choose my own x tie length - I can see how having the extra rings would be handy at some place I have boarded in the past with ties that were definitely too short for that. Always learning…

Keep in mind that when engaged, a properly adjusted rope halter’s cheek pieces sit behind and wrap under the mandible. They should not lie on top of the flat part of the horse’s cheek.

If they do, it defeats the purpose of the halter’s action and places all the pressure on the horse’s poll.