rose gold samshield in hunters?

i have a friend who is looking into rose gold detailing suede samshield. we mostly show a circuit and local hunters, do you think it would be too flashy? i haven’t seen many people with the rose gold in hunters, but i have seen people with the crystal details and i always thought that was a bit much, but i want to know y’alls opinions.
here’s the link:

I have the wider brimed rose gold samshield helmet and showed the adult amateurs with it. My coach is pretty traditional and had zero issue with it. I don’t think it’s super blingy or distracting so if it fits well and is comfortable I say go for it!

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I thought you meant that it would be crazy pink or something ahah! I honestly think it’s absolutely fine, because it shouldn’t be super noticable. My helmet has a bit of silver/metallic looking lining on it, and nobody has said anything about it at shows, so I think she should be good. :slight_smile:

Make sure to pair it with a burgundy coat :lol:


I’m usually a super traditional person - but I absolutely love that!!

Lol yeah me too! Though I wouldn’t pick this for myself, I think it would be fine.

I got a rose gold OneK for my birthday, my trainer (who has very conservative preferences for attire) never said anything about it - she definitely noticed it, but never said anything :wink:

Totally fine in the hunters

That must be the new “in” color. I just saw someone post a picture of their daughter on Facebook wearing Mickey ears that same color. I mean if it’s on a Samshield and it’s on Mickey ears it must be in, right? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness I think it’s trendy yet subtle!

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Rose Gold has been in for at least a few years. I think this is lovely, subtle enough that it isn’t going to call attention to you and still elegant/pretty.

It’s totally fine. I’m pretty sure all Samshields have some type of metallic-looking detail on it (mine does, and it is the standard, “low budget” basic Samshield) except that mine is silver. There is very little difference from a distance in the two finishes, I would think. I desperately wanted the five tiny crystals on mine but couldn’t swallow the ridiculous addition to the price for them, so I didn’t get it. And I show hunters.