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Rousseau x TB mare- which registry?

I was recently given a problem child, a seven year old Rousseau x Jockey Club TB mare, who had fallen into rough hands and didn’t respond very well to it. Turns out she’s a total sweetheart, and I’m looking into breeding her this spring. A huge potential issue, however, is that she isn’t registered.

The way I understand it, she would have been eligible to be KWPN as a youngster, but not now that she’s older. I think she is eligible to be inspected by the Oldenburg ISR and RPSI. Any insights or recommendations for other registries to look into?

Thanks in advance!

If you get DNA you can get her approval for breeding.

Thanks for the reply! Which registry does DNA analysis for breeding approval though?

As long as her TB dam can be verified through DNA and Rousseau she would be eligible for Kwpn-na full foal book registry.

Age isn’t limiting we got foal book papers on a 15 year old mare that went into sport and her owner never sent in the paper work (had it all and thankfully the TB dam had DNA on file)

Thanks for the info!

Def KWPN papers if you can get them. Rousseau x TB mare should be eligible for foalbook, and inspection is not required. Westfalen (formerly RPSI) would be the second best option, because Westfalen is erkend.