Royal Ascot

Anyone keeping tabs on the Ascot happenings?

Tremendous run by LOVE today. All heart
Royal Ascot 2021: Prince of Wales’s Stakes (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports - YouTube

Admire her and her stride and efficiency of motion. she is truly a beautiful mover.

I “LOVE” the look on her face in the bottom picture. It also looks like Moore’s saddle may have slid a wee bit- or, it could just be the angle…

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Gold Cup Day;

Disappointed Stradivarius did not do it. :frowning:
Got caught in so much traffic.

I think the ground wasn’t to his liking today either; he prefers it firmer and they’ve had some rain.

Thought that was one of the poorer rides from FD. Just set up very wrong the entire race and got checked hard on the turn, lots of traffic. Amazing horse he is for his age.

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The rain they got was less than expected and I think the ground was still rated as firm.

I think Stradivarius was just too far back and in the wrong place to be able to catch up. In the Sky commentary before the race, they were saying Subjectivist could win the race given his stayer style of racing.

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Finally caught up. Been skipping a lot of the broadcast that isn’t directly Royal Ascot racing related.

Wesley Ward is still winless despite bringing some nice horses and no horses scheduled for tomorrow (Friday). Thankfully Sky doesn’t focus on the hats and fashion although you do see it :slight_smile:

The Queen hasn’t won either but she’s also been close a few times with her homebred. I miss the entry every morning with the Queen and carriages… just doesn’t seem like Royal Ascot although Royals have been in attendance.

Seems like some of the horses aren’t good gate loaders but those assistants are good at getting a horse in. Sometimes I wonder why we don’t use those rope ‘figure 8s’ to help get a horse in. They seem effective.

Yesterday was a big whoops when one horse still had, I think, the red sound protection that is supposed to be removed still on when the gates opened and the horse just stood there. The guy with the flag didn’t seem to notice.

So interesting with those big fields and the straight races how the group will split and race down both sides of the course. It also drives me crazy that the saddle towel doesn’t match the starting stall number. :roll_eyes:

Haven’t seen where Saturday is going to be covered… just not on NBCSN. I hope someone has it.

Wesley wins today with Stonestreets Campanelle under DQ after Dragon Symbol took them across 8 lanes under left handed whip. Not how anyone want’s to win it but Campanelle really showed guts today.

Honestly surprised by the verdict after there was some VERY questionable wins yesterday
Anyone see Surefire play straight bumper-cars as soon as the whip came out. Can’t believe that result stood
Mohaafeth is such a beautiful runner but he took out the 7 horse after going to the left handed whip and took him across several lanes before causing him to break hard at the rail when he cut him off

I thought there were some doubtful moments in a couple of races but no one is appealing. The media seems mainly to be on side with the Stewards.

There have been some excellent races and some good stories so far.