Royal English now safe

Royal English

Has anyone else seen the story about the stallion Royal English KIS? It looks like he was bought from a place called Aspire Farm in Arkansas in pretty bad shape, and now is safe with friend of mine, Elizabeth Austin Schneider.

The farm he was at apparently starved him when they didn’t receive money from the owners, along with several other horses, who have also been gotten off the farm. Lovely lovely horse. The photos here are obvious before and after, only two weeks after she got him. It is obvious his condition was only a want of food.

Here’s a link to her story


I was told he was going downhill fast and headed for auction when E heard about him and stepped in. Super personality, too!


I have been following this story. The owner of Aspire Farms had a public bleat on her FB page, making all sorts of blustery threats about “bullying”.

The condition of the horse speaks for itself.

A well-known trainer verified that the horse “Eddy” is an absolute sweetheart, and that she was devastated to see what has been done to him.


That’s not the definition of bullying. Starving horses on your property, not shoeing them or attending to their teeth isn’t something that you get to have kept a secret. the horse world is small. People should know what she did to select animals on her property.


Damn. What people will allow to happen to animals. Thank goodness he made it out.


Wow I have been watching this on Facebook. Elizabeth Redfearn needs to be held responsible for what she did to this horse! Thank goodness Elizabeth Schneider stepped in and was able to save him.


I am the new owner of Eddie. It has become apparent that Eddie’s situation is not unique from this farm. At least 5 horses in the last year have come off the farm with a body score condition of 3 or less. Eddie was a 2. The combined efforts of his breeder, former trainer, clients, and new friends have made it possible to bring him back to Maryland and give him the chance at a happy life. At just 12 years old he has a lot of life left. It’s frustrating that rather than accept responsibly people choose to threaten others.