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Royal Winter Fair

We will be arriving Friday, November 10th staying one night for thw Saturday, November 11th yearling sport horse class. Anyone else going to be there during that time? I would love to meet a few of you out there.

PS I’m posting as an alter only because it automatically logged in on my phone and I can’t remember my original password. :woman_facepalming::roll_eyes::joy:

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I will be there! I have a half welsh 3 year old that I’m showing on Friday in the 3 and over half welsh, Saturday AM in the big ring for the new Pony Cup classes (we qualified for both the in hand and the under saddle), and then Sunday for the Sport Pony for the 3 and over gelding and Get of Sire.

We tend to stable upstairs under Hidden Stone Farm with a large display. We move in on Thursday the 9th and stay until Sunday 12th :slight_smile: Would love to meet others!

We missed each other last year - we messaged back and forth a few times. Will definitely try to find you this time!

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I will be there but the first weekend from Friday evening until Monday morning (3rd until 6th) so if anyone is there during that timeframe it would be cool to meet up!

I will be coming on the Friday 3rd to watch ponies as one of my guys that I broke and trained qualified and is showing in the Mediums with his kid :slight_smile:

If it’s an evening class I will likely be there. How exciting to see your hard work come to fruition, wow!

I’m so excited for them!! They are both so young and have worked super hard. I’m very proud ex owner!!

I will be there first thing as they go just after 8am. I will probably go home early afternoon to do my chores at home so will probably miss you. Hope you enjoy the evening performance!! I’ll be watching it on my ipad at home lol!

I was so excited, I just had to post an update here. The medium that I started and took a year showing him over fences (at schooling shows as I’m an adult) ended up Reserve Champion Medium pony at the Royal! He is just 7 and his first time in the big ring and he and his kid were both superstars!! I’m so happy for them and so glad I took the day off work to go an watch them. I did miss the Saturday as I had some farm things to do (get ready to bring my 3 year old down this Thursday so rode, packed the trailer, winterize the farm etc), but was able to see 2 over fences and the hack on Friday. He was 6th, 11th and 2nd in the hack, and then had a score of 84 and 2nd place o/f on the Saturday and then Reserve Champion! He is in a great program and has the best little family.
They have him leased out for next year to a little kid next year for short stirrup, so he won’t be doing a core division for a bit. So it was so nice to see him go!


Yay!!! Always nice to know they are doing well and are loved by their people.

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