RRP question

Sorry if this has been asked before- do horses have to show under their JC name?


Pretty sure they do! You can record them differently with USEF or USHJA (I will be doing this), but at RRP, they announce JC names.

You can have them shown anywhere else under your “new” chosen name, but at RRP they’re announced under their JC name.

It helps to connect back track connections, breeders etc that way. And we announce their parentage and breeders as well.


(FYI, I’m an official at RRP)


Yep, came here to say this. When i went, we showed under the horse’s show name until we got to the Makeover, where we competed under his JC name.


reading from outside Hunter World makes for some lost souls, at least for me it took a few days to decipher the jargon JC and RRP.

RRP I guess is Retire Racehorse Association ? making JC Jockey Club ?

JC had me going for while as I was not aware of religious connection to a hunter and Jesus Christ is said to have rode a donkey

We have Morgans who are to be shown under their registered names

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Ha! Laughing. I HAVE had a couple of Come-to-Jesus moments with my current OTTB!

I think it is “Retired Racehorse Project”.

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No ok so JC is Jockey Club which is the governing body of racing.

Rrp is the Retired Racehorse project.

The Thoroughbred Makeover is the event held in October. You can read more about it on www.tbmakeover.com


Everyone has it right. For purposes of the RRP they go by their JC name but the RRP could care less if other showing/recording of the horse uses another name. You won’t get booted from the RRP because the horse has a different USEF name etc.

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Do you have your Makeover horse yet? I am hoping my friend can go.

Yes! I got her at the end of October - 2015 mare who raced 52 times, earning $93,000 before retiring last summer. She is a beautiful type and was approved for the Oldenburg mare book in the fall. We spend a lot of November just doing lunge work in the Pessoa and learning to be a “normal” horse on the ground and started serious flatwork in December. She jumped her first jump last week and I am so excited for her!

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Enjoy the journey!! I went in 2019. It is an amazing experience.