Rt. 15 Appys - Rehoming underway - Your help needed

Most in the Middleburg area are familiar with the herd of Appaloosa’s that live on Rt. 15 in the Aldie/Haymarket area. In the past there have been rescue/rehoming attempts that have gotten some of the horses out, and some of them gelded etc. Unfortunately they have never been successful in putting an end to the re-population of the herd. Not for lack of trying, but due to other circumstances.

There is now an effort underway being coordinated by White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue http://www.whitebirdapps.com/ that has been dubbed the “Sparky Project”. This effort has begun placing the horses and will continue to do so until all but a few will be placed. They will also be gelding the stallions to stop the breeding patterns that have continued for some 30+ years. Updates about the ongoing efforts to rehome the horses, and the participating rescues and volunteers who have stepped up to help them can be found on White Bird’s Sparky Project page at: https://www.facebook.com/sparkyproject .

There are about 40 horses in this herd. Half of them require gelding and there are mares in foal. All need worming, vaccination, and other medical care. There are costs associated with transporting them. The financial needs of this undertaking are substantial. Please consider supporting this very worthy cause by donating money for feed, medication and transportation. And please also consider adopting one of these deserving animals through the rescues that are working to find them homes.