Rubber Bits?

I recently bought a Centaur loose ring peanut rubber snaffle for my youngster. He is so much quieter in the rubber and isn’t excessively chewing or swinging his head anymore. The problem is, I’ve only lunged him in it twice and he has already chewed through the rubber. (He got his teeth floated and wolf teeth removed in November)


I would try him in a happy mouth but those bits are pretty thick and he has a low palate.
I’d love some input on what I should do or new bits to try. Thanks!


I find that just wrapping a regular bit with sealtex works and is easy to replace.

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I have a Happy Mouth (I think it’s actually the “Flexi” brand) double-jointed and it’s definitely thinner than any rubber bit I’ve seen. If that’s your only concern I don’t think it will be a problem.

I have this one:

This is the problem with rubber bits. And not all horses think that Happy Mouths are the same as rubber. You can either try the Sealtex trick, or be prepared to buy a new bit every so often. Thankfully, rubber bits aren’t too pricey!

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Another vote for sealtex! I have had 2 horses now that go in rubber bits and the sealtex has worked like a charm. My first horse chewed more than my current guy seems to, but it even worked fine for him. I just usually have a backup stashed in my show trunk in case something bizarre happens, because they’re not always super common and easy to pick up at the vendor tent. Also important to keep an eye out for chewing through the sealtex–if they chew a hole and keep working at it they can get their tongue pinched. I just check before each ride.

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