Rubbing hair off top of both front hooves on inside and holes to bell boots there too

Can anyone tell me what is causing my horse to wear the hair off the top of her front hooves on the inside and also wear holes there in her bell boots? Interferring? brushing? How do I protect them.
bell boots are for over- reaching and brushing boots don’t reach far enough down. On the bell boots the reinforced part is the back. I need reinforcement on the inside side. She has a big trot - swedish warmblood. could this be the cause? or something else?

I would ask for a vet opinion and have a talk with a good farrier.
Is this a recent change? Something physical might be going on (pain/arthritis/a few bad shoeing cycles and angles are starting to change your mare’s way of moving.)
Maybe she’s always been like that and nothing can be done.

Meanwhile, I suggest you look for “fetlock rings” or something like Professional Choice’s Combo boots. (just google both)