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Rubbing tail? SOS

Hey there,I have a classic pleasure morgan gelding and he had recently started rubbing his dock and was wondering what kind of supplements/topical type things have worked with your guys horses.note MTG does not work with him,and I can’t do any supplements that go in their feed because I board him.currently I am giving him flax supplement type treats.also we have not wormed him yet so that might be the issue.One last thing,what are the ratings on coconut oil?? I really want to try it when it gets warmer

Have you cleaned his sheath recently? That and deworming are the first things to try.

Worming and then use listerine on the tail. It’s always worked for me.

The pinworms have been bad where I am the past few years (not sure where you are). I had a barn full of itchy tails and I had a HECK of a time getting rid of them!

Outside of the normal suspects (cleaning sheath, deworming, etc) make sure to take a wet towel and really clean between his butt cheeks, around his anus, and the dock of the tail. I do this daily when it’s hot. Also, use a mixture of baby oil/listerine on his tail. Hopefully will help!

About this time in Spring I had two horses that have rubbed their tails almost bare. Besides being itchy on the croup from shedding, I also found 3 large oozing bites on the back of their sheaths, that seemed to be the cause as they almost fell over in relief when I rubbed there. Some really smart bug knows where to bite in safety.

Now I routinely rub fly repellant back there in Spring.

It could be SSRD or summer itch or sweet itch.


Where do you live? Is it warm enough for flies to be a problem? I have found that plain old flyspray at the top and the underside of the tail solves a lot of problems. Of course it so cold here, nothing’s flying yet.

ticks are out too in full force

A mixture of baby oil and listerine works really well for a dry, itchy tail. Just make sure its not worms and check for ticks

I think I’ll try that! My trainers trainer friend has the concoction of mane&tail,mayonnaise,listerene,and healthy hair! I talked to one of our stable/hand grooms who used to work with my horse sbd de thinks it’s probably because of pinworms I wormed him today,hopefully it will get better soon!

If ticks are a problem in your area, lift up the tail and check to make sure he hasn’t got any there. The only time I see one of my geldings itching his tail like crazy is if he’s got a tick there :frowning:

Yah, it’s almost never the tail, it’s usually the knats, ticks, pinworms, etc. and since horses don’t have hands they can’t scratch where it itches. Yes, using Listerine or MTG on the tail may help but it’s because those things also repel insects. I found that MTG will cause a bad reaction, like a chemical burn, on many sensitive skinned horses. It’s the mineral oil that horses react to. Also why there are so few oil based fly sprays on the market anymore. Skin So Soft can really peel a horse also. Not saying all horses react to mineral oil but check the ingredients of anything you put on your horse and know if you have a sensitive horse.


Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch. My guy has a full mane and tail for the first time in 7 years!