Rumor Devon Being Sold?

I just heard a rumor that Devon is being sold?! As the 2014 show seems to be on, perhaps this either has to do with long-range plans for the property or is just an unfounded rumor. I certainly hope it’s the latter and have trouble believing that well-funded people wouldn’t have stepped in to try to buy the property to continue the show if it were in jeopardy. Hopefully someone here can clear this up! Thanks

Are you referring to this? Not really Devon itself but property around it.

That’s probably what started the rumor and hopefully that’s the story. Thanks for pointing it out.

The DHS foundation owns the showgrounds. They’re not being sold. The entire point of starting the foundation and buying it was to prevent that ever from happening. A garden center called Waterloo Gardens next door to Devon has sold. DHS does use their parking lot for the show and the plan is to continue doing so from the new owner. The new owner is an entity with long-standing/good ties to DHS.