Running martingale over both reins on a double bridle?

This was brought up in the LRK3DE thread and I’m just trying to figure out why someone would want this setup… like obviously the average Joe Schmoe rider should absolutely not do this, but why would an upper level eventer make this choice? Genuinely trying to learn, not trying to attack anyone.

I’m only really familiar with the motivation to use a double bridle for dressage, aka the need for advanced collection with very subtle rein aids. To me, a running martingale attached to that curb rein would take the aid from subtle to… not that??? but I admittedly never have and prob never will need this on xc so I truly don’t know.

I accidentally hit post too early on this thing so I’m editing to add more questions… How would the reins be held in that situation? Just looking at this thing from Dressage Today about double bridles and there are apparently EIGHT different official methods to holding the reins:

I think I just don’t get it because to me, the curb rein lifts the poll, and the running martingale like, brings it down? but maybe I’ve got that wrong?

Coming from ASB land its common to run both reins or the curb through a running martingale in the full bridle in training. The rings steady the reins a bit, horse doesn’t feel as much movement. It is also adjusted a hair longer than normal. I would use a full bridle if the horse likes that setup better, needs the finesse or you need the curb for sitting them on their haunches in a jam.

You hold the reins however you are comfortable. :slight_smile:

The reins should not be affected by the running martingale unless the horse lifts its head.

A running martingale should never be tied into knots and be used to bring a horses head down.

When the rings are pulled they should either reach to the wither or 10cm below it.

There should not be a ‘v’ from the riders hands to the ring to the bit.

It should only activate if the horse lifts its head, which is to stop it grabbing the bit to bolt.