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S.Florida Dressage Trainer Wanted - Please help

Hello everyone! I am moving to Boca Raton, FL in a week and am looking for someone to train with. Here is a little bit about me - I rode and competed in the H/J world growing up and then took a 10 year hiatus from riding for school. When I got back into riding, I realized my passion had changed and I enjoyed dressage more. I have been training in dressage for the last 2.5 months with a trainer who was just in town for the winter season.

I have been calling and emailing a ton of trainers and it seems like everyone that is willing to train doesn’t have a school horse available to give lessons on (or people just don’t call/email back). I am ok with a half lease option, but I don’t think a full lease makes sense because I am only going to be able to ride 2-3 times per week. I hope to buy a horse in then next 12-15 months, but won’t be able to do that if I can’t find a good (correct) trainer that I can trust and who is able to train me up until that point. Not to mention, I think I need a better understanding of what a correct horse feels like before I take that big step. I don’t need anything fancy, just correct training. Any advice is truly appreciated!! Thanks!

There are two USDF Group Member Organizations down there - Gold Coast Dressage www.gcdafl.org and South Florida Dressage Association www.southfloridadressageassociation.org Try contacting them/ Gold Coast is in Wellington; South Florida is further south.

I just sent you a Private Message, good luck with your move!

Welcome to dressage land. Just fyi, it is not easy to find a trainer with a school horse. I wish you were moving to Orlando area, I have a mare that I’m trying to get 1/2 leased.
I would second the GMO suggestion above. They should be able to help, though South Florida’s website seems to be a work in progress.

Here are a couple that have/had school horses. https://www.newhorse.com/page/horse-training/dressage-training/b.2013.g.4525.html?page=1

The “Orlando area” is surprisingly large and not as easy as I’d hoped to traverse.

Thank you all for the replies! Will definitely look into those suggestions! Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

Come to the South Florida Dressage Association’s Spring Schooling Show this weekend. Schooling day tomorrow pm. Two short days Saturday (9-12) & Sunday (8:52-12). It’s at the Plantation Equestrian Center.

How far are you willing to drive? If Wellington is an offer contact Jessica Rhinelander - she may be able to help you out.