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Hey! I’m looking to buy a saddle in the coming weeks. I definitely have my eye on a few Butets, as I have loved them in the past, (in fact the only ones I have ever had). I have a budget maxing out at $1500. I am 5’1" and 95 pounds, so I’m looking for a 16". My real question is this: I saw a beautiful butet at Chagrin Saddlery online. It’s a 16 and within my budget. My only concern is that it has 12.5" flaps. These seemed pretty short. I currently ride in a 15.5" butet with 13.5" flaps. I would have already taken it on trial but they have a policy where if it is returned you get charged an extra $100. I don’t really feel like having to send it back. Does anyone have any opinions or experience? Would the extra inch really matter? Also if you have any recommendations for places to buy or possibly comparable brands, I’d love to hear them. Ideally I would like to stay around $1000.

Check out They have options in your price point and a good trial policy.

Depends upon your leg length. I’m about the same size as you and I have a 12.5" flap on my CWD. But, I have a shorter leg in comparison to my torso. If my legs were longer, the 13.5" would probably work. The flap on my saddle is also more forward because I have a longer femur compared to my fibula. So, think about your own confirmation as a whole, rather than just your height/weight when figuring out flap and seat size.

I’m 5’2” and 112 pounds. I’ve ridden in a Butet w a 0, 1, and 2 flap w no problem. I normally ride in a 16” but can ride in an 18” if I have to. Hope this helps somehow.

I’m 5’2" and 120lb and ride in a 12.5" flap and a 16" Antares. I also have a shorter leg and it fits me perfectly.

Also, check w Suzy at Highline Tack. She is fabulous to do business with and knows Butet very well. If you google Highline Tack, I think you will find her.

Suzy is terrific to deal with!! If I’m not mistaken, both Fineline Tack (link in my earlier comment) and Highline Tack are her businesses, and I definitely second the recommendation. I consigned a saddle with her that sold quickly and it was a great experience.

Thanks guys! I contacted Susie today!!

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