Saddle Advice

Starting the search for a saddle for a hard to fit horse. I am hoping to find a used saddle, but I don’t know what brand to start with… he has big shoulders, his withers aren’t very high (but not mutton), and after his withers he dips a little and has a short back. He’s butt high, and you can see by the pics that although he’s not wide, he’s also not round and his back is flat.

CWD comes to mind. I bought one for my warmblood who sounds a lot like this - big shoulders, short back, typical round hunter-type. While I’m not always the first to recommend CWD, this one fit him perfectly and he moved beautifully in it because it freed up his shoulder. It’s a SE01. I’d sell it if you’re interested, shoot me a pm.

I’d also recommend Antares and Voltaire, both have fit our big-shouldered warmbloods really well. Good luck!

Voltaire, Voltaire, Voltaire

I ordered one for my warmblood who is round with a big shoulder. I tried cheaper brands, I tried expensive brands and they all made him back sore. I had the rep out for Voltaire and he was instantly more comfortable even just in the demo and soooooooooo free through his shoulder. CWD tends to be more saddle than I like, not very close contacty feeling for me but it may have just been the model. Devocoux I have the same problem with. Not a very close feeling to the horse. Voltaire, even the deeper seat model (stuttgart) I could really use my whole leg on the horse and was very close. Super comfy and their seems to be a fair amount second hand as people upgrade, particularly sponsored riders. That’s just my experience, wishing you luck!!