Saddle conditioner that won’t darken leather

I have a really lovely Wade tree ranch saddle that I bought a few years ago. This saddle was custom made for someone else but the rider had aged out of riding shortly after receiving the saddle, so it only had a few rides on it when I bought it. In the past few years I have ridden almost exclusively in my dressage saddles, so have kept this saddle in my house (I live in the humid and hot SE).

Saddle needs some softening and conditioning. It is not dry or damaged, but it is a saddle that is made with very thick leather and I would like a more supple feel, if that is possible. The fenders are turned (thank God) so it’s comfortable to ride in, but I feel like the leather could use some work. This saddle is honey colored, and I would like to keep it that way. Any suggestions for a good heavy duty conditioner that will not darken my saddle?

Passier Ledersbalm?


I just bought “saddle butter” from Phil Harris, who said it was great for softening and conditioning

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Lexol makes a “non-darkening” one, but I have not tried it.

Mine is honey-color, too, but I assume darkening is part of the program. My saddle maker recommended Black Rock – which I have used on other leather and it didn’t darken, but haven’t tried it on the saddle.

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Bicks works well to condition without darkening leather, I used it on my light oil show saddle for years.

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