Saddle cover/protector for riding

My beloved CC saddle has some wear on the seat, mostly on the twist, from my riding in jeans. I’ve been trying to find a seat cover to protect it from wear without luck. Everything I find is intended to cushion the rider’s butt, not protect the saddle. Does anyone know of a decent seat cover that would cover the whole seat, that isn’t bulky and stays put? My ideal would be a leather cover the goes over the entire seat, including the flaps over the stirrup bars.

I don’t know of any leather covers, but a sheepskin cover is not very bulky and does a great job of protecting the saddle. Despite being wool, I have never found them hot even in the middle of summer. They do get a bit soggy if you are riding in the rain though.

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Have a look at the Thinline seat covers. They do a pretty good job protecting the saddle (at least for mine). It’s not very noticeable and not bulky.