Saddle dye leaking onto saddle pad

I just got a Lettia Coolmax pad (white), which is supposed to absorb sweat from the horses back, but the only problem is that its absorbing the saddle dye! Underneath the saddle flaps, it gets all brown and looks horrible against the white pad. What can I do to stop this from happening?

i’m not sure how to stop it, but when i clean my saddle pads (especially my white dressage one covered in black) i use resolve pre-treat spray on them before i wash them. it has always worked for me.

Clean the saddle, a lot. Castille oil will help. In the meantime, place a face towel/rag down between the saddle and pad.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really stop until the leather is done ‘bleeding’ the dye. When my bridles do this, I clean them vigorously and place them somewhere in the sun for a while, run them through again with soap, etc, until I can wipe a rag down across the grain/skin of leather and not see any dark brown residue.