Saddle fit help (*gasp* it's not wool flocked)

Anyone know of anyone around Area 8/Indiana that can help a sister out with fitting a Butet jump saddle? I had one person recommended to me, so I texted her, but she said there was no way to get a foam saddle to fit but that she’d happy to sell me a wool flocked one from the brand she reps… Listen, I’m happy to be told there’s no way to make my saddle fit my horse. I have no interest in making him uncomfortable. But I’d prefer it be in person… after actually looking at the horse… and the saddle… I adore the saddle, so my hope is that there are some shimming options that might help, especially because the issue is temporary and will change as the horse continues to develop his topline. Again, if it comes down to it, I’ll get something different, but I’d love for someone to at least look at it and try to make it work first.

I’ve got a call into the people at Sagmae, but they’re pretty far away, so I’m trying to find other options in the meantime.

Feeling a bit lost on this front, so hoping all you experts have some wisdom for me! TIA!

You have two options with foam. If the tree is a good basic fit but the panels need tweaking:

You can get the foam panels replaced, probably by the manufacturer.

You can use one of the many shim pads available.

However if the tree is not a good basic match for your horse, shimming or changing panels or reflocking a wool saddle won’t make it fit.

Obviously shimming works if the saddle is too wide or bridges very slightly. It can’t make a saddle that is too small, fit better

What do you think is the fit problem?

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Not super helpful, but I’m state over and have found that the saddle fitters 'round these parts are busy enough that they probably won’t make the trek to you, if you’re just looking for an opinion of a saddle they couldn’t even adjust rn. Do you have a trainer or friend that you could trailer to, when their fitter is out next or multiple people at your barn you could get committed, to make it worthwhile for a fitter to come to you?

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If you’re willing to entertain converting it to wool, there is a fitter, Brittany Bird, in SC that has been doing alot of foam to wool conversions (and having saddles shipped to her to do so). Maybe worth asking her, and then someone locally could tweak the wool. Her FB page has some examples of her work.

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