Saddle Fit Types for SE Arabian Horse

New here to the forum…hello! :slight_smile: I am trying to get some input on the best saddle for my mare. She is a SE arabian (hadban enzahi), so she is shaped somewhat different than the typical mutton backed arab…although she is still short backed like one. She has the round barrel, but prominent withers (she is also 18 years old). Can anyone recommend a good saddle for her, or one they have personally used? I usually ride in a western type saddle or with a bareback pad, but I am not opposed to english or even treeless. Thanks!

Oh…I was looking into a natural ride fork by Colorado Saddlery too…anyone ever ridden one before?

My horse is a SE gelding. He goes in a Ghost Dressage saddle and an Ansur Konklusion jump saddle. Both are treeless.

My SE gelding used a medium Stonewall. Loved it :slight_smile:

I had a Natural Ride. I hated it. It put me 8" behind where I belonged and all the straps bit and bruised and rubbed. Yuck.

I have never heard of an “SE”–how interesting! My pretty-much straight Russian Arab has a very prominent wither with a very round barrel and needs space for his shoulders. I ride trails in a Thorowgood Endurance saddle with a cutback pommel. He has also gone well in an older Rembrandt OS dressage saddle (this also with a cutback pommel).

If you need guidance, the folks at Hastilow Saddlery were very helpful when I purchased my Thorowgood. And the price was in my budget! :slight_smile:

SE is just short for straight Egyptian

Great! Thanks for the input. I am off to research the suggestions. I am leaning towards treeless at this point I think, but we shall see? :yes:

My round-barreled, high-withered, dippy-backed Arab and I are comfortable in a Steubben VSD. She’s now 26 and mostly retired, but the saddle continues to seem comfortable for her despite retirement- and cushings-related changes in her topline.