Saddle Fitters in New England

Hi! Does anyone know of any trustworthy saddle fitters in the New England area? I’m in New Hampshire and am trying to get my horse fitted for a new saddle. Thank you!

I had a great experience with Lise Krieger (New England Saddle Fit). She was super knowledgeable and not judgmental at all!

I’ve been looking at her! Were you fitting a new saddle with her or were you getting your saddle fitted? If you bought a new saddle from her, which brand and did you like it?

She came out to check the fit of a saddle I already own on the horse that I lease. It’s a Voltaire, so I was a little nervous she’d be judgmental of a “trendy” saddle. But she was great! She watched me ride the horse at the walk and trot, then assessed the fit from the ground. It was super comprehensive, and in the end all I needed was some light saddle pad shimming and to girth him in a different way. Would use her again in a heartbeat!

talk to Karen Withstandley at Refined Equine. She’s great.

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You could reach out to Janie at Pelham Saddlery. She is in NH.
Colin Kimball Davis is also excellent. He is based in MA but I believe services New England.

I highly recommend Janie at Pelham

Another vote for Karen at the Refined Equine. She’s outstanding.