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Saddle Fitters in Western Michigan

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a saddle fitter (I jump and do dressage) that is within a reasonable distance to West Michigan. I board at a facility in Holland, so someone that is willing to travel even for one horse.

I have used Pam Omar before, but do not want to use her again if I don’t have to.


Lynnda Scears. Classic Saddlery in Galesburg. Looks like she’s an hour and a half from Holland. I know she does travel. Hunter / dressage pro.

I have been to her store many times. Very interesting woman. I will not use her again either. She recommended some crazy extra wide saddle for my medium wide mare with a giant wither. However, I think she is knowledgeable about her horses and how she takes care of them.

“Very interesting woman” is a kind way to put it. :slight_smile:
sorry she led you astray! I agree, I do think she knows a lot about horses.
My barn uses a lady out of Chicago. I’ll need to check my records to find her name. Camille something. Don’t remember the last.