Saddle fitters near Oklahoma City?

I moved to the OKC area a couple years ago and am trying to find a saddle fitter who can help me start to get a handle on what in the world fits my horse. I rode him in an absolutely lovely Stubben for the longest time, but it very obviously did not fit him and was starting to make him uncomfortable and sore. I sold the Stubben (no point in keeping a saddle that couldn’t be made to fit him, even if i loved it) and bought a different sale that is much cheaper but fits my horse a lot better.

The thing is, I would kind of like a nicer saddle than this new one I have, and since it was pretty cheap I’ve nothing against using it for 6 months and selling it on. But I have almost no idea of where to even start looking for a nicer saddle, which is why I was thinking a fitter might be able to help.

My horse needs, in my admittedly very inexpert judgment, a fairly wide gullet and has your typical Paint or QH shoulders and withers. The Stubben’s gulley was way too narrow and the tree was too, though i imagine it fit its old owner’s Morgan super well. Not so great for my sticky Paint fella, though!

If anyone in the area has any advice, I’d sure appreciate it. I lived in Laramie before this, and there were multiple saddle fitters nearby in CO, so I wouldn’t have had this problem there!

Tom Pickard at Equiventure out of Tulsa is an Antares dealer and also is a really good guy. I’d suggest giving him a call.

If you want an independent saddle fitter talk to Lindsey. She lives in Texas, but I know she travels to your area.

Mike Corcoran travels from TX to KS often. He is pretty great.