Saddle Fitters - shim question w/photos

I’m liking my used Stubben for my young mare. She is starting to gain muscle. Currently I’m using a thinline with no shims. The saddle could use some new flocking at the wither (it is on the list for when the saddle fitter comes to town).

In the meantime, do you think I need to put the shims in the front? I got a good picture today of the wither area and I see the two dry marks. Everywhere else is an even sweat mark and the saddle fits really well.

I know she is a skid row gusset candidate, but that saddle is not in the budget at the moment. This one fits the bill for now.

What do you think? I have a bit of video too, but it is uploading. I’ll post it later.


I can’t tell from the photos what your horse’s needs are. They are close and the detail is not evident enough. That being said, if you feel that your horse is a candidate for a deeper front panel, then a pad with the ability to shim the front to balance the saddle is a useful too.

Adding the videos. Hope this will give you a better picture.

It is hard to assess the saddle in those photos. Here is a link that shows what photos make it easier to assess.

Just a question, I’m not a saddle fitter. :slight_smile:

Since dry spots could indicate either too much pressure or no contact at all, is it possible to determine what the problem is with this saddle just seeing pictures of dry spots?