Saddle for a Quarab

I’m posting this in eventing, as I’m not sure where else it should go? Anyhow, a year and a half ago, I was between horses. My 70 year mom and I decided to look for a horse/pony that could be safe and appropriate for her and her basic needs and be a potential back-up event prospect for me. Talk about trying to find a needle in a haystack. I was convinced it would have to be a connemara, but the little horse that landed in our laps was a 7 year old quarab by the dressage stallion Ggold. She is a little 13.3 hh version of him. She is a terrific enthusiastic jumper, but suffered what we think was a suspensory injury after a jumping clinic I did with her. After a year of rehabbing, she is very sound, but I’m extremely hesitant to jump her and risk her long-term soundness. She also has the movement and genes to be a cute little dressage pony. So right now we are trying to figure out where in the heck you find a general purpose/dressage/trail saddle that can fit an Arabian back? She is somewhat downhill and has that widish flattish back, but it’s pretty short. Most saddleswant to roll on her. I was hoping to find something comfortable and versatile like a thorowgood T8 or Kent & Masters GP, but So far they seem to roll too. Any ideas? I’ll try to include some pics. Thanks in advance!

Arabs and endurance go together like pasta and sauce! There is a whole company for it: the Arabian Saddle Company (aka Lovatt and Rickets). I also like Black Country and Harry Dabbs for short wide backs.

No suggestions, just wanted to say she’s adorable!

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I have seen what’s on the Arabian Saddle Company (L&R) website and they look like beautiful saddles. I will probably contact them, but am really looking for something right now that would be more affordable $1500 or less? I’m wondering if some model of one of the adjustable saddles could work?

Look for second hand.