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Saddle help for a rider with long legs and a horse with a short back!

COH forum newbie here!

I am in search of a saddle…Again…

Suggestions on brand/model are MUCH appreciated!

I’m 5’8 and have a long femur. (18" seat size)
My current saddle - Bates Caprilli 18" -

Horse fit issues:
Saddle is too long for both of my horses, reaches past the last rib on their respective backs. One is a Morgan, the other a Paint. Both stocky builds with strong albeit short backs! Both built with low withers and flat backs.

Rider fit issues:
Stirrup bars are too far forward and put me in a chair seat constantly. :frowning: so much so that it’s difficult to even post. Seriously…
I’ve ridden in different saddles with no issue, so thankfully not just poor riding… just poor saddle choice!

I generally ride hunt seat/forward seat/hunter style, but I’m not opposed to a dressage saddle if that’s my best option!

I bought the saddle when I was 7 years younger and 7 years dumber :wink:
I’ve since learned basic saddle fitting techniques, and the physics of how a saddle effects riding position.

Thanks in advanced!

Your horses are the opposite shape to mine so I won’t suggest brands, but you likely can move down in seat size but go with a forward flap to accommodate your leg. That will help with the saddle length issue. This is assuming the reason you are in an 18" seat is because of your femur length.

I had been in a 17.5" for the same reason. I now have a 17.5" with a forward flap and could probably go down to a 17", but I found my saddle used and it does put me in a good spot.